Islamic Softwares and websites


  1. Azaan/Athan Software
  2. Windows Sidebar Widgets– Prayer remainders


  1. Allaah hu
  2. I love Allah
  3. Nonmuslim resourses
  4. Online Quran with Translation
  5. Online Guidance and Islamic Course
  6. Ibn Al-Qayyim
  7. Videos for Dawah and Deen topics
  8. Hadith Search
  9. Zakir Naik Video Collection
  10. The Islamic knowledge according to Quran and Sunnah
  11. Discover true Islam
  14. Al-Muflihoon
  15. Book of du’as
  16. Explanation of the Quran
  17. Fatwa Online
  19. Islam Q&A
  21. Online Quran Memorisation tool
  22. Quran Translation
  23. Salafi Manhaj
  24. Salah illustrated (with audio)
  25. The Wahhabi Myth
  26. Understanding Islam
  27. Salafi Meraj Rabbani archive

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